Boracay Activities

Glass Bottom Boat

Sit dry while you watch the sea life; fish, corals and more with your family, friends or collegues thrue the glass in the bottom of the boat.

It’s an educational and funny tour for young, adult and older.

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Boracay Dive

What do you expect from Blue Mango Dive center?

We teach all PADI courses and we have the whole range of PADI materials available, such as videos, books and CD-ROMs for specific courses ranging from Discover Scuba to Assistant Instructor. Course

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Boracay Divers

New Wave Divers: Facilities and Philosophy

NEW WAVE DIVERS is located beside Guilly’s Island Bar and Restaurant: about a minute’s walk from Blue Lilly, One Crescent Place, Cocomangas and At Home.

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DiveGurus Boracay

Are you looking for some great scuba diving in a beautiful tropical island setting?

DiveGurus Boracay has been delighting certified divers with personal and knowledgeable fun dives around Boracay Island since 2000. Since that time, hundreds of divers of many different levels have experienced the warm and friendly DIveGurus service–diving with a smile!

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Fisheye Divers Boracay

Fisheye Divers was established in 1997 by three friends who have worked for a number of years in the Philippines and Maldives, gaining over 55 years combined diving experience and over 10,000 dives under their weigh belts.

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Free Willy Diving Center

In the heart of a tropical paradise, Free Willy is one of Boracay island original dive shop where we likes to keep the native beauty, the laid back feeling and style of the island.  At Free Willy Diving, most of our guests are coming back year after year to find again all this great times and some of the most amazing and fantastic dives.

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Lapu-Lapu Diving Center

Provides its students and divers with high quality education and supervision in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. We offer PADI multilingual courses year round, from entry level all the way to the professional levels.Once a year an Instructor Development Course (IDC) is held in Boracay for the Divemasters and Assistants Instructors who wish to become Instructors; followed immediately by an Instructor Examination (I.E.).

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Victory Divers

Victory offers a wide range of diving activities for beginners as well as for more experienced divers.

Some of our daily progams:

* Shallow water dives (2 – 12 meters)
* Controlled fish-feeding dives (at chosen spots)
* Drift dives (high-speed action)

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Water Colors

PADI Courses & Programs


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White Beach Divers

Located at the southern end, known to be quiet and laid back. We cater for the individual taste of our divers, small dive groups, flexible dive teams and dive times.

Whitebeachdivers is not a dive factory. 15 years of experience and excellent knowledge of divesites. After a nice dive enjoy a drink back at our Bubbles Bar and watch the colorful sunset.

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Kite Boarding

Freestyle Academy – Kitesurfing

Freestyle Academy is the newest IKO kitesurfing center situated on Boracay Island in the Philippines. Our mission is to share the high we get from kitesurfing to as many people as possible and provide guests with the best service our island has to offer.

With Freestyle Academy you not only get a kitesurfing center to cater for all your needs, but you gain a family on the island that you can always come home to.

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Funboard Centre – Wind Surfing

Welcome to the Philippines, welcome to Boracay!!!

The funboard center boracay is perfectly located directly on the beach of one of the best windsurfing spots Asia: this bay offers ideal conditions for every windsurfer’s heart: from shallow and flat water for beginners to rolling and waving breakes for advanced and pros. The wind, known locallly as Amihan, always blows onshore between 12 to 25knots. The conditions are so good that every year, this is the chosen venue for Asia’swindsurfing tournament, the Asian Funboard Cup.

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Habagat – Kiteboarding

Definitely your best choice on the best kiteboarding spot in the Philippines, from beginners to pro riders, habagat is offering a great choice of equipment to suit all needs. We are looking forward to see you soon and to enjoy with us the best rides and the longest air time you’ll ever get.

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Hangin Kite Center – Kiteboarding


“HANGIN KITE CENTER” is the first established kite center in the Philippines since 2002. Hangin Kite center has been completely renovated last October 2006 for a better look and relaxing atmosphere. From November till April, our shop is located in Bulabog Beach and from May till October we are based in the white Beach at the Boracay Beach resort. Hangin is quite famous for its warm family atmosphere and friendly staff that are always willing to assist even for non kiters.

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Ocean Republic – Kite Surfing

kitesurfing“Ocean-Republic is the 1st internationally recognized kitesurfing school in Asia”

The island itself is a mere 7km long by about 1km wide with Ocean Republic kite surf centre located on the windward facing “Bulabog Beach“, blessed with its huge shallow sandy lagoon. During Nov-Apr the NE monsoon season allows us to take full advantage of Asia’s No1 kitesurfing and windsurfing location. May-Oct during the SW monsoon sees us teaching and riding on the famed White Beach.

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Marine Walk

Marine Walk

Marine Walk is A Diving Helmet system designed for the ultimate underwater experience. You will literally walk under the sea, surrounded by fascinating marine life, live corals, and colorful tropical fish. Your faces remain completely dry, so there are no worries about your make-up or eyeglasses.

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Experience Boracay to the fullest - enjoy a sunset cruise, day trip andisland hopping or a 3 day kite boarding trip aboard Stargazer's 50ft Sailing Yacht.

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Boracay Scuba

The feeling of weightlessness. The magnificent marine life It’s a once-in-a-lifetime rush. And it’s called scuba diving. There’s no better place to do it in than in the island paradise of Boracay. And there’s no other dive shop more eager to show you the way than Boracay Scuba.

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Boracay Mandarin Spa

Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel – Spa and Massage

You can also enjoy Mandarin spa basics to cutting edge therapies, Boracay Mandarin Spa brings you the best massage spa and the spa lifestyle.

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Boracay Spa


With your choice of scrub (apple, chocolate, coffee, fresh bamboo, salt sea, etc)
choice of scented mineral oil

Choice of scented mineral oil

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Mandala Spa


Mandala Spa ushers in a new era in spa culture, setting industry standards while leading the way towards enlightened spa service. The culture that pervades is one of the beauty and wellness, serenity and tranquility, where each member of the staff as well as the guests are constantly enveloped in an environment leading towards personal growth.

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Tirta Spa

Surrender yourself to a well-deserved pampering at Tirta Spa – a world-class health spa offering high-quality facilities and wellness therapies. Special treatments such as full-body massages, facials, body wraps, body polishes, aromatherapy treatments, Tirta Spa signature packages and packages specially designed for male clients, as well as a variety of expertly crafted spa products, give clients the opportunity for renewal at the heart of this peaceful, yet invigorating, luxury spa.

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