Freestyle Academy - Kitesurfing

Freestyle Academy is the newest IKO kitesurfing center situated on Boracay Island in the Philippines. Our mission is to share the high we get from kitesurfing to as many people as possible and provide guests with the best service our island has to offer.

With Freestyle Academy you not only get a kitesurfing center to cater for all your needs, but you gain a family on the island that you can always come home to.

2 hours
This is your introduction to kitesurfing and a fun way to learn about flying power
kites, its a lesson for everyone. This two hour lesson gives you a great feel for
flying kites and it will let you feel the incredible power these kites can produce.

You will learn all about the wind window and the basics of kite control, which is
an important skill for kitesurfing.

1 DAY (4 hours)
Learn about controlling kites, it is the most important step in kitesurfing. This is the first step for the beginner. You will learn all the basic skills and knowledge of kitesurfing.

You will learn how to set up the kite, bar and lines, safety system of bar and kite, the theory of wind window and power zone. You will be using teaching equipment, and hitting the water almost straight away.

You will learn to fly the kite under control by yourself and launch, land and relaunch. By the end of this course you will reach the level where you can use the kite in the power zone and body drag under control in all directions.

2 Days (8 hours)
This 2 day course will give you an introduction to the sport.

Day One
We will take you through the basic elements of safety- don’t worry it’s not that long or tedious but it is important! After that it is into the water with the kites where you can put all this theory into practice. For the remainder of the first day you’ll be flying the kites, learning how to body drag using the kite for power as well as learning to relaunch them.

Day Two
For the second day you will keep on developing your kite flying skills, also practicing self-rescue techniques to help you get out of trouble. Once you are comfortable we will add the board and teach you how to water start.

4 Days (16 hours)

This intensive 4 day course will turn anyone into a safe and confident kitesurfer. After completing the course you will receive a IKO Level 1-2 card which is internationally recognized and allows you to rent equipment all over the world. This card shows others you can kitesurf safely and independently.

Day One
You will learn the theory of the wind and how to set up your equipment. You will also get to fly and handle a training kite and learn self rescue techniques. By spending a bit of extra time in the beginning getting your kite skills dialled, you will save yourself time once you are in the water with the board and the kite.

Day Two
Now its time to get familiar with the kites that you will be using on the water. You will learn all about the control bar, lines and safety system. After this you will fly the kite in the water and practice body dragging and launching and landing the kite with assistance.

Day Three
You will continue to fly the kite and improve your kite skills. When you know how to control the kite and launch it from the water you will start learning upwind body dragging skills and really feel the power of the kite.

Day Four
This is the last day of your course and it is the moment you have been waiting for, time to get on the board. First you will practice on land to get the feel for the board start and then you move on to the water. It might take a few attempts but soon you will be up on the board riding. You are now a qualified kite boarder!

Private (1 hour)

Learn advanced techniques from the number 1 rider in Asia and the first Asian IKO Instructor Ken Nacor. Ken has spent two seasons competing and teaching over in the chilly waters of Portland in England and even managed to show the locals how to steal fish off passing seagulls.