Mandala Spa



Mandala Spa ushers in a new era in spa culture, setting industry standards while leading the way towards enlightened spa service. The culture that pervades is one of the beauty and wellness, serenity and tranquility, where each member of the staff as well as the guests are constantly enveloped in an environment leading towards personal growth.

Each moment spent at Mandala Spa is a sanctuary for the soul. Through its carefully designed villas, one sees the beauty of creation while healing and rejuvenating spa therapies become the vehicle by which one experiences oneself.

At Mandala Spa, we believe that in our commitment to a better world, we will have made a difference.


The four private spa villas are pockets of refuge where one relishes in a private setting in pure relaxation. Formerly residential villas for the Reinas, they were converted into a day spa villas while retaining the original structure, with bamboo floors, cogon roofing and capiz windows. The villa can accommodate up to two massage tables and opens up into a modern bathroom with the same Italian fixtures found in the resort villas and locker rooms.